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About Us

About Us

With the strong passion to uplift the physically deprived section (differently abled persons) of society, REHAB NETWORK has been established by a visionary and down to the earth person, Mr. Ram Chauhan who have served IT industry for more than 2 decades. Prime objective of conceptualizing REHAB NETOWK is to build a common platform for disabled person, their parents, doctor, therapist and professionally trained person having specialization in educating and imparting vocation skills to the differently abled person.

Most of the parents of disabled person do not have idea how to shape the lives of differently abled. Consequently, building lives of disabled persons have become very complicated task. We also know that disabled person cannot be taught and treated by anybody because disability and their problems vary person to person. Problems and their solutions are entirely different so differently abled and their problems can be addressed only by professionally trained experts who have specialization in concerned field.

To bring doctors, parents and specialist at a common platform, we have created a place (REHAB NETWORK) where disabled person get highly qualified and skilled speech therapists, occupational therapist, special educators such as neurologists, pediatric neurologist, vocational trainers. Similarly, registered doctors and other professionals get patients with varied problems. In this way, both of them are getting connected to each other through REHAB.

Both specialists and parents of differently abled are registered at REHAB NETWORK. Several parents of disabled and qualified doctors have registered themselves for addressing the problems of disabled. Some of them are in direct touch with them so we are moving forward with zeal and commitment to achieve the set goal. And our goal is to bring a beautiful smile on the face of thousands! This is a small initiative, but we are committed to reach 1.31 million people to bring them into main stream population.


Reaching out to 1.31 Billion people to aware whole society about rehabilitation, and bring a beautiful smile on a person with disability face by bringing them into main stream population through training & treatment."


"To create a place where differently abled gets speech therapists, physical therapists, vocation trainers and other treatments information. REHAB is not only a network, It vision to realize every dream of disabled independently."


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