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We just bring disabled and specialists such as therapist, speech therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist and special educator on a common platform i.e. REHAB NETWORK where they stay connected to each other. These professionals help the differently abled after understanding their problem. All parents of differently abled and professionals have to register on the REHAB NETWORK. Once a needy person searches for professional in their neighborhood, all registered professionals in those areas or localities will appear in the search result. Similarly, if professionals search for disabled in their neighborhood, all register disabled and their parents will area in search result. In this way they get connected to each other and help and get helped.

We have added a section for medical store and hospitals so that all medicines and equipment related to disabled can be found at REHAB. We just want to work as a bridge so that people using this platform achieve success in their lives and enjoy the fruit of life without being dependent on other. We are also planning to collaborate with different industries and companies so that they provide vocational training as well as work to these disabled. We just want to bring happiness in lived of differently abled.


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